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Conspiracy Play at Less Than Three


10/22/2020 - 11/7/2020


Less Than Three

7707 S IH 35 #927
Austin,TX 78744
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Phone: 4326386171

Conspiracy Play in Austin

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Led by Problematic-Patriot, audiences will listen to fringe theorists to figure out who is profiting off of their deceit. Patrons interaction and decisions will directly affect the artistic experience and, depending on when the ticket is bought, audience members will receive emails and/or direct messages giving them inside information on that may influence the play. Conspiracy Play was devised using video game theory, theatrical devising, and improvisational techniques.Conspiracy Play is ran entirely over Facebook and requires use of Facebook Messenger. Audience will receive a friend request and a group invite. These MUST be accepted to participate.An Immersive choose-your-own-adventure developed by Less Than Three. Recommended for audiences ages 17 and up.Live the Story. Join the Revolution.

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