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Up & Comers - Student Message Board

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BDC v Steps post-grad
Started By: broadwaybeatrice
01023/4/20 1:20pm
Les Miserables Audition
Started By: tierneygm
26382/27/20 5:45pm
Gracie Wren
Need help finding ballads!
Started By: Gracie Wren
0902/27/20 5:37pm
Gracie Wren
audition song for rent!
Started By: selahelp
0942/21/20 8:53pm
Uptempo Mezzo audition song desperately needed!
Started By: MissM3
01212/19/20 9:08pm
Who's the Most Stressed?
Started By: My Fair Lady
8122,0742/16/20 12:02pm
25th annual Putnam county spelling bee audition monologue
Started By: Girrafe
01192/14/20 1:30pm
need cabaret audition song
Started By: emily212
0932/13/20 12:04am
Started By: Finn8
21902/10/20 10:02pm
Started By: local theatre nerd
01132/5/20 11:53pm
local theatre nerd
Actors without a theater degree from college
Started By: wsw20
812,1732/3/20 5:57am
Grace Farrell Audition
Started By: SongBird204
01701/30/20 8:18pm
Having dreams about broadway non stop
Started By: Frenchfrydiva
01151/29/20 11:43pm
Mamma Mia! Audition (Sophie Sheridan)
Started By: lizajojo
02051/24/20 1:25pm
Do you know any talented kids/teens? Two exciting weekends are coming up at Actors Connection!
Started By: Stephanie Pilavin
01221/23/20 4:51pm
Stephanie Pilavin
Started By: NicoleGonzalez123
31421/22/20 3:48am
Young Frankenstein audition!! Help!!!
Started By: Annainunderland
01091/22/20 3:40am
Started By: Baritenor1006
11551/21/20 10:17am
Rent Joanne Audition!
Started By: KatelynMarie2
0731/16/20 11:31pm
What is the one musical/play you really want to be in but haven't
Started By: Oldies m
01181/15/20 9:51pm
Oldies m
Singin' in the Rain audition
Started By: maddy_203
291931/12/20 6:21pm
Wednesday Adams monologue
Started By: shrek.grunge
11501/7/20 11:10am
Audition song HELP
Started By: megganalvarez
01291/7/20 1:42am
Looking for an audition song.
Started By: tonil0pez
11701/6/20 4:33pm
Very Sad
Started By: dramamama611
01221/6/20 9:58am
Edna Trunblad Wig/Costumes
Started By: aflowers2
11671/6/20 9:54am
Audition Help for PIPPIN
Started By: sfs1414
11361/6/20 9:51am
Beauty and the Beast Audition
Started By: broadwayfan904
12661/6/20 9:51am
Legally Blonde
Started By: Sad_Alto
011012/19/19 4:30pm
Started By: Designer99
026712/8/19 9:09pm
Looking for an audition song.
Started By: tonil0pez
010412/8/19 11:37am
Director is desperate for help choosing show
Started By: Singermom75
731512/6/19 3:20pm
West Side Story audition
Started By: HeefyDActor
117612/6/19 3:44am
High Tenor Ballads
Started By: Jawon Mapp
012811/30/19 9:41am
Jawon Mapp
audition help
Started By: rory:^)))
015111/26/19 1:04pm
Started By: Trinity3
027811/26/19 10:48am
Audition song for The Who’s Tommy
Started By: Spinhack
013411/25/19 10:56pm
Male Mamma Mia Audition
Started By: Gerbs2
07411/25/19 9:03pm
Started By: antoniabutka
020011/24/19 9:54pm
Trying to remember a song I performed once...
Started By: Kathleen6
010611/22/19 3:03am
Grades 3–12 Theater Classes in SF—The World of Harry Potter, Disney on Broadway, and more!
Started By: A.C.T. Conservatory
012911/19/19 3:28pm
A.C.T. Conservatory
Bright Star audition
Started By: HeefyDActor
020811/14/19 9:16pm
Do you know some talented kids? Actors Connection is looking for musical theatre performers, age 8-17!
Started By: ACKids
011811/14/19 12:52pm
Golden age belt song?
Started By: chloec37
024311/6/19 7:42pm
Local Teen Production of Spring Awakening!
Started By: Aaron Kurzweil
017111/6/19 7:12pm
Aaron Kurzweil
addams family auditions??? need a song for vocal range??? help???
Started By: iluvmusicaltheatre
017711/6/19 12:41pm
Help Save Our Theater Program
Started By: Tara Ferguson
011111/3/19 7:54pm
Tara Ferguson
switching from Classical voice to MT, need advise
Started By: sopranomom
014911/1/19 10:28am
Stage Combat 1-week Intensive and more—last chance to save!
Started By: A.C.T. Conservatory
017310/31/19 5:19pm
A.C.T. Conservatory
Bilingual Scene Study (En/Es) and more—Studio A.C.T. SF
Started By: A.C.T. Conservatory
013810/31/19 5:11pm
A.C.T. Conservatory

Up & Comers - Student Message Board

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