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Want your opinions on 'Mamma Mia!'

Want your opinions on 'Mamma Mia!'#1
Posted: 6/29/20 at 11:47am

Hi guys,

Wish you stay safe and happy.

I'm conducting a survey 'Investigating the audience experience of 'Mamma Mia! The Movie, Musical and Party!'' for my dissertation. I really wish I could gather your opinions and thoughts on this topic. 

The survey will take around 25 minutes, including 16 minutes to watch several video clips from 'Mamma Mia!' and 8 minutes to fill in the questionnaire. The whole process won't be too hard as the music are melodious and the questions are easy to answer.

If you are willing to help, please click the link here for the questionnaire. I would really appreciate for your kind help and responses.

Thank you so much!