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"You and I" by Philip Barry

"You and I" by Philip Barry#1
Posted: 8/6/20 at 12:23pm

I am decluttering and am selling my 1923 copy of Philip Barry's three-act play "You and I." The show played at the Belmont Theatre for 136 performances in early 1923. Barry is most known for his script to "The Philadelphia Story." 

The condition of the book is very good for its age. The spine does have two marks that look like bleach spots, but they're just wear and tear. The top of the book has a blackened layer on the interior pages, but it doesn't affect the reading. The binding is still holding up and the interior pages overall have a yellow-ish hue from age.

Inside, there is an inscription written in pencil to show possession, and a sticker and price (in pencil) on the back inside cover to show where the book was originally purchased and for how much. Otherwise, there are no markings in any of the content. There is one page that looks like it was once dog-eared, but is no longer that way. There is a tissue cover and picture of the cast from a scene of the show that has sustained some water damage around the edges but no other such damage is in the rest of the book.

For your information, Bretano's was the publishing company. There is also an introduction to the play by George P. Baker, who taught English at Harvard and Yale.

Send me a PM if you want to view pictures, have questions, or want to know my selling price.