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Theater Notes 4 Sale!

Kwasi Buffington
Theater Notes 4 Sale!#1
Posted: 8/22/20 at 9:16pm

THEATER NOTES FOR SALE (yes, it's legal)
Theater notes from my undergrad. All professionally presented via Word Dox, JPG, Excel &PowerPoint .
$50 each/per class. Will be delivered via email. Payment accepted Venmo/PayPal/Cash App/Robinhood
Email: [email protected]

1. Theater History 1 - Intro, Origins, Roman-Byzantine, Ancient Greece, Spain, Europe & France (PDF's, JPGs, Word Dox)

2. Theater History II - 19th Century Drama, 19th Century Playwrights, American Consolidation, Ism's Festival of Manifestos, ISMS, Naturalism, Ethos Pathos & Logos, Film and Aristotle, Aristotle Idea About Tragedy, Definition of a Tragic Hero, Greek Vocabulary, Study Guides, Typed Notes (PowerPoints & Word Dox)

3. Stage Management Techniques – Ground Plans, Contact Sheets, French Breakdown, Rehearsal Schedules, Thumbnails, Logos, Blocking Charts, Prop Lists (PDFs, Word Dox, JPG)

4. Advanced Stage Management – Project 1, Project 2, Project 3, Actors Theater, AEA Rules, Budget Guidelines for Budget and Payroll, External Organizational Policies, Organizational Management, Seasonal Costs, Table of Contents Project, Question Set, Notes (Word Dox & JPGs)

5. Costume Design – Script Analysis, Scripts, Costume Plots, Figure Images, Quizzes’, From Page to Stage, Magic Garment, Costume Piece List (Excel Dox, JPGs, Word Dox, PDF’s)

6. Lighting Design – Light Cue Sheets, Sound Cue Sheets, Gel Conversion Chart, Systems List, Postcard Analysis, Kiss Me Kate Analysis, ETC Patchwork Assignment, Lightwright Homework, Lighting Final, Oleanna PowerPoint, Tech & Performance Calls, Production Calendars, Production Meeting Agenda, Lighting Design Contracts, Light in Art & Nature Project, Pantone Color List, Policy Contract, ETC Expression Manual, Elation Manual, Ion Manual, Lightwright Tutorial, Fiddler on the Roof Jr PowerPoint, Light Concepts, Light Plots, Fixture Parts, Scripts, Channel Hookup, Research Images and more (PDFs, PowerPoints, JPJs, Word Dox, )