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Broadway Upstage Guide

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Broadway Upstage Guide#1
Posted: 10/6/20 at 10:21pm

Hi!  I’m looking for Broadway Upstage Guides for the following shows:

1. A Soldier Play

2. Bernhardt / Hamlet

3. Apologia

4. Any other broadway upstage guides from 2014-2016 seasons.


if anyone are willing to sell that would be great.  I also have lots  of playbills from the 2014-2019 seasons if you are interested in an exchange.  

If anyone else are also interested in playbills of musicals and plays from 2014-2019 most likely I have them.  I can’t write them all down but 80% of which I believe I have (the only definitive playbills that I DO NOT have in those years are Junk, Iceman Cometh, What Constitution Means, new one,and all one person plays, and holler if you hear, as I have not watched those shows).  You have to live in New York though as I can only meet up with you in Queens Library if you want any of those playbills.  Just Give Me a fair price for it.