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Introducing Broadway360!

Introducing Broadway360!#1
Posted: 10/23/20 at 9:47pm

Hi there! Wanted to quickly post about the new company my friend and I launched today called Broadway360.

• Most people think Broadway is just what happens on stage - dancing, singing, and acting.

• In reality, the critical and disciplined work of well-known specialists in public relations, advertising, production, management and more, is what brings a show together, playing a crucial role in making it a success.

We are offering affordable classes with access to these leaders, to give you a better understanding of what it takes to make it. I work in this part of the industry and, after years of questions, decided to do something about it.

• Classes start the week of November 9th with sessions from 3-time Tony® Award-winning Producer Eva Price; Playbill’s Director of Social Media, Felicia Fitzpatrick; Tony® and Drama Desk Award-winning General Manager, Roy Gabay; Founder & Creative Director of Broadway Marketing and Advertising Agency, The Pekoe Group, Amanda Pekoe and Christopher Lueck; and legendary Broadway Press Representative, Rick Miramontez.

Sign up today here: