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Theater Camp Guide

Blue Mountain Ranch Theatre Camp Guide

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2020 Camp Dates: June 8- June 23 June 25- July 19 July 21- August 5

11227 County Road 98
Florissant,CO 80816-9417
(719) 748-3279
[email protected]

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Camp Type: Overnight
Gender: Coed
Cost: $2250- $5000
Session Length: 2 Weeks
Camp Focus: Outdoor Activities, Dance, Theater, Sports

Blue Mountain Ranch is the place where your child can live the kind of childhood you had. They can run and yell and laugh and run some more. It’s the kind of place that offers your child freedom and adventure. It’s a place where your child will build life-long friendships and self-reliance. A place to spread their wings and become the very best person they can be and never notice because they are having too much fun.