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"Night, Mother at Invictus Theatre


10/22/2020 - 11/8/2020


Invictus Theatre

4139 N. Broadway
Chicago,IL 60613

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Phone: 7738570222

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'NIGHT MOTHER displays a mother and daughter relationship in a freefall crisis. Disillusioned Jessie Cates, a woman suffering from epilepsy and depression, announces to her mother Thelma, that she will be killing herself at the end of the evening. What progresses is what playwright Marsha Norman describes as, "a fight for their lives" as Thelma begs, bargains, and beseeches her uncompromising daughter to change her plan. 'NIGHT MOTHER unsparingly explores the impact of mental health on mothers and daughters in our society. This production will be an entirely virtual streamed performance.

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