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Backyard Arts at Nu Sass Productions


10/3/2020 - 11/30/2020


Nu Sass Productions

4023 5th St NW
Washington,DC 20011
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Phone: 3157836650

Backyard Arts in Washington, DC

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Nu Sass is offering a variety of solo performance shows for private viewing in your backyard.Choose from our rotating cast of solo performers on a day and time that works for you!Once COVID-19 safety contracts are signed, you can select a performer and a stage manager to present a low-tech solo show in your backyard. Bring out the couch, grab some snacks and drinks, and enjoy the show.Currently available:"Marx in Soho" by Howard Zinn, performed by Mary Myers (Helen Hayes nominated)"Wombat Drool" written and performed by David S. Kessler (Pick of Fringe 2015)"The Lily Show" written and performed by Lily Kerrigan (touring performance from Atlanta, limited performances)

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